What's the secret to feeling sexier and incredibly confident, to looking thinner and shapelier without losing a pound? It's not your body or your clothes, but what you wear underneath it all! Now you can learn the secrets of always looking and feeling your best. Whether you're well-endowed or more petite, have a bountiful behind or want to create more curves, there is beautiful lingerie for you.

  • Take our quiz to find your lingerie style, so you know just what to buy.
  • Discover the best styles for your body, and show off your assets.
  • Build a lingerie wardrobe with the perfect pieces for every occasion, from bare essentials to sultry extras.
  • Ensure the perfect fit with our guide to bra fit flaws and fixes.
  • Learn what to wear for any occasion—whether you're dressing to impress or dressing to undress!

Make your world beautiful everyday with lingerie. This book will help you find it, fit it, wear it and—most of all—love it!

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